Stalking Mitigation

Sometimes, people have a ‘sense’ someone is following them but aren’t sure of the identity of the individual. We get many cases like this, usually involving an admirer who has crossed the line or with ex-partners not knowing when to let go. We handle stalking cases for high-profile individuals, including actors, musicians, politicians, business leaders, and media professionals. You don’t have to be a high-profile target to receive the same protection they do. 

Every US State Has Some Form of Stalking Law

They describe the ways in which unwanted following or stalking can also be identified as threatening behavior. Whatever the case may be, stalking is a crime and our private investigators can help. Whether you need our services for peace of mind or information for court, an investigation conducted by our trained professionals will meet your needs.

How is stalking defined?

Stalking is defined as a person giving another person unwanted attention, either by following them or monitoring them electronically. While this is a crime, many police jurisdictions do not take general stalking seriously, they want proof and what one person may find threatening, the police sometimes feel is not. Stalking can also be identified as harassment and can potentially lead to other, more serious crimes, since the offender is often mentally unstable. This alone can cause the victim to feel threatened and create an environment where they cannot eat or sleep and they are always looking around to make sure the offender is not watching them. A private investigator can help in stalking and harassment cases. They can find where a stalker is watching, they can pull up various electronic monitoring devices and they can identify the suspect and request that person to cease their stalking and harassing activities. Private investigators are highly trained and experienced in dealing with cases of this nature.

Virtual Stalking is the Most Popular form of Harassment

There are many ways that a suspect can stalk or harass another person. What used to be straight-up following someone or showing up unannounced and unwanted now has the ability to escalate into virtual stalking. Virtual stalking or harassment is when a person posts to social networks or follows another person’s activities online. They may hack into the victims email accounts or social networking to see where they are, where they are going and who they are with. Sometimes, they will see where the victim is at a given time and show up there. The private investigator is fully trained and experienced to find out when a person is actually in jeopardy and when the threat is harmless and unfounded. They are capable of getting into systems that show where the suspect has been online, or their virtual footprint, to see what they are looking at and when. They will also set up physical surveillance so they can always tell where the suspect is and where they are going and have been. The PI also takes careful notes, pictures and evidence so if there is a crime being committed, they can hand it over to law enforcement who will then apprehend the suspect and take away any danger from the victim.

Private Investigators Can Help

Victims of stalking and harassment need protection. They need to know that the person who is terrorizing them is going to be brought to justice and cannot harm them anymore. When the police cannot or will not help, there is still hope. Private investigators are there to help get to the bottom of cases just like this so that the victims of these crimes can again feel safe and secure.

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