Personal Security

Protection Services—High Risk

We maintain a roster of prescreened international high-risk operatives who possess a variety of regional geographic and cultural knowledge as well as various language skills. Once an operative or team of operatives has been chosen to perform a specific contract, they are tested for (1) Physical condition, (2) Contract-specific protocols and tactics, and (3) Proficiency in the specific skills they possess (area knowledge, languages, paramedic, intelligence services, CRBN/EOD, K-9, convoy/motorcade driver, small arms and crew-served weapons), before being deployed.

Individual Clients

Our clients are diverse, ranging from wealthy entrepreneurs to journalists and fashion models to vendors who have collaborated on various projects (we don’t allow our own to be touched). If we take on a client, we will take a bullet before they will. We will lose every man jack of us before the client receives a scratch. To date, we have a zero-compromise track record. That means we have never lost a client to assault, intrusion, or interference. We are proud of that fact and do not intend for it to change.

Operational Standards

Our program establishes the highest standard for contracting and posting private security personnel with two major functions: (1) static guard services that protect facilities (Force Protection) and (2) personal security details (PSD) and security escorts (Convoys Protection). All operatives pass a selective rigorous personnel screening process that includes a formidable training program and standards vetting process that includes physical and psychological fitness, previous experience, skills proficiency, integrity, and the ability to obtain any necessary security clearance.

We have adopted equivalent standards for all operatives who are posted in high-risk theaters whether our client is official, semi-official or from the private sector. We provide experienced Tier One (military or police Special Operations Group backgrounds) operatives for PSD and Convoy Protection details. We use both Tier One and Tier Two (conventional military and police backgrounds) operatives for force protection operations. These operatives are trained and experienced in providing protection in high-risk areas utilizing military tactics as well as protective services tactics.

As with our personal protection agents, we hire experienced operatives who come from military, local, state, and federal law enforcement backgrounds and who have been specifically trained in personal protection, NATO-based small unit CQB tactics, and force protection protocols. Regardless of background, agents are also screened for their abilities to perform Tier One and Tier Two deployments. Once the agent has passed all preconditions for employment, they are vetted with a due diligence check to ensure that each agent will perform his or her duties in a professional and discrete manner.

Private Investigators

Office Locations

We work in all 50 states, US territories, Mexico, Canada, and we have people on the ground in Cuba. If it's in the North American hemisphere, we're interested..

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